Accident Damage

Our workshop specialists will professionally repair your accident damage vehicle to look as good as new

Fibre glass tears and spider cracks
Dull and faded gel coats
Spray painting
Chassis and suspension repairs


We do all brake repairs and supply a wide range of quality VW Beetle brake components including disc brake conversions.

Master Cylinders
Slave Cylinders
Rubber Hoses (Front and rear)
Steel brake pipe sets
Brake shoes and drums (Refurbished / Re-manufactured)
Hand Brake Cables
Handbrakes and stand repairs


We supply and repair

Clutch Cables
Clutch, pressure plate and thrust bearing overhauls
Fly Wheel Skimming
Repairs to broken / torn thrust bearing forks.
Shortening of clutch cables
Clutch Shudders
Clutch cable shrouds (Extension Housing)


All fiberglass products are available in a selection of custom dipped finishes,please contact us with your specific enquiry.

Images will be coming soon, thank you for your understanding and patience with us.


We offer a comprehensive range of :

Wire (Colour Coded)
Terminals and lugs
Fuse boxes and fuses
Switches and toggles
Generator to alternator conversions


We stock a wide range of engine parts and offer the following engine repair and services

Complete engine overhauls.
Line Bores
Main Bearing
Big end bearings
Small end bearings
Push Rod tubes and seals
Engine Gasket Sets
Head overhauls and replacements
Valve clearance and re-seating.
Stud replacements and fitting of inserts
Head repairs for ‘blown / stripped’ spark plugs
Fitment of main bearing oil seals and crank shims


We supply and manufacture a comprehensive range of fibre glass products all with a gel coat finish.

Hub Caps (Diameters : 155mm, 150mm and 140mm)
Headlight Covers
Exhaust Covers
Pulley Cover (Standard)
Pulley Cover (Heart Shape / Covers Distributor)
Mud Flaps
Carpet Foot Boards
Side Pods (Side Skirts – 3 Rib)
Floor Pans (Left or Right)
Fuel tanks (EpoviaVinylester Resin- Formulated specifically for fuels and oils)
Colours available (Gel Coat)

Powder Blue


This is where you get to choose how you want your buggy to look and determine how much ‘curb appeal’ you would like it to have.

Let us take your ‘worn out and dated’ beach buggy and turn it into the vehicle of your dreams.

Body repair and spray painting.
Sandblasting and galvanizing of rims, bars and roll cages.
Replacement of windscreen glass and frames and bars.
Complete rewiring and fitment of new lamps, lenses and globes.
New seats, interior, carpets and canopies.
Complete brake and suspension overhauls.


We repair front and rear suspensions and offer the following services

Rear suspension lifting and lowering
Tie rod ends
Axle Boots
King and link pins
Camber Settings
Softening of front suspension

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