Line bored with new mains and big ends, ground crank shaft, cam followers and bearings checked. R4950.00. Bring your old block with the flywheel attached for exchange and we will transfer your flywheel to the replacement short end block and set the 'end float'.



Buggy Shop was started in 1978 in Pietermaritzburg, 90 KM inland from Durban on the Kwa Zulu Natal Coast in South Africa. The focus of the business was on building Baja Bugs and servicing and maintaining VW Beetles, Golfs and Jetta’s. In 1982 the business relocated to Margate on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast where our primary focus is now on building and maintaining quality custom beach buggies. 36 Years later and we are still growing strong. Buggy Shop is the largest, privately owned,custom service and parts centre in South Africa whose business centricity is on the longevity of these classic VW Beetles and beach buggies. We supply and carry a wide range of spares and our factory manufacture a comprehensive list of beach buggy accessories. We don’t just service and repair beach buggies, we custom build dream cars, we turn ‘boys’ dreams into reality. Contact us today with your enquiry.

Engine rebuild Special: From R10500.00

All engine parts must be serviceable ie ‘useable’, any broken or worn engine parts will be replaced at the appropriate cost. Ie: Cracked Heads, broken pistons and bent conrods, pitter and cracked barrels etc...

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